NEMO Hornet 2 tent

NEMO Hornet 2 tent review

The Nemo NEMO Hornet 2 is a good choice if you’re looking for a fairly ultralight backpacking tent without breaking the bank, but there are some things I’d change.

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North Face Inferno -20

North Face Inferno -20 sleeping bag review – It lives up to the name

The North Face Inferno -20 is a great winter sleeping bag packed with 800 fill-power “ProDown,” which North Face says is goose down with a hydrophobic treatment to help it repel water and dry faster

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The nonstick surface of the MSR Windburner Ceramic Skillet fails in a short time

MSR Windburner Ceramic Skillet doesn’t hold up long

The nonstick surface of the MSR Windburner Ceramic Skillet fails in a short time

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Sprintech Road Drop Bar Rearview Mirror

Get over the nerd stigma and buy yourself a bike mirror

The Sprintech mirror has a pleasing and small aerodynamic form factor, and yet I’ve found I can see everything behind me I want to see.

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Garmin Edge bike computer

Garmin bike computer review – I really paid $300 for this?

In this Garmin bike computer review, I explain how I think they’re overpriced and buggy if you consider them in relation to what a smartphone does.

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Chain Reaction Cycles Pro Bike Bag

Chain Reaction Cycles Pro Bike Bag review – I’d pick the big softy

After investing in a couple of bike cases, I’ve learned a lot about the pros and cons of different products and come to the conclusion that a soft case is best.

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MSR Alpine Kitchen Knife

Camp kitchen tools: MSR Alpine Kitchen Knife review

For just ten bucks, this is the perfect lightweight knife for backpacking food prep

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Tubolito inner tube

Tubolito review – Did I just have extremely bad luck?

I’m afraid this Tubolito review is not a good one. I suffered multiple defects with the product, and I thought it worth documenting what happened so others can read about it and then decide before making a purchase.

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Ian Slack wearing MUCUBAL bib cycling shorts

Best budget bib shorts – MUCUBAL cycling shorts review

Are you looking for a MUCUBAL cycling shorts review? I looked too when I first considered buying them and didn’t find much. I’ve been riding with their bibs for a few months now, which is long enough for me to have a good idea of how they perform.

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Burger King Veggie Burger

Did you know Burger King already had a veggie burger before the Impossible Whopper?

Burger King selling a veggie burger isn’t new at all, so it’s a little strange the company is grabbing such big headlines with the new Impossible Whopper

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