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Sprintech Road Drop Bar Rearview Mirror

Get over the nerd stigma and buy yourself a bike mirror

The Sprintech mirror has a pleasing and small aerodynamic form factor, and yet I’ve found I can see everything behind me I want to see.

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Garmin Edge bike computer

Garmin bike computer review – I really paid $300 for this?

In this Garmin bike computer review, I explain how I think they’re overpriced and buggy if you consider them in relation to what a smartphone does.

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Chain Reaction Cycles Pro Bike Bag

Chain Reaction Cycles Pro Bike Bag review – I’d pick the big softy

After investing in a couple of bike cases, I’ve learned a lot about the pros and cons of different products and come to the conclusion that a soft case is best.

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Tubolito inner tube

Tubolito review – Did I just have extremely bad luck?

I’m afraid this Tubolito review is not a good one. I suffered multiple defects with the product, and I thought it worth documenting what happened so others can read about it and then decide before making a purchase.

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Ian Slack wearing MUCUBAL bib cycling shorts

Best budget bib shorts – MUCUBAL cycling shorts review

Are you looking for a MUCUBAL cycling shorts review? I looked too when I first considered buying them and didn’t find much. I’ve been riding with their bibs for a few months now, which is long enough for me to have a good idea of how they perform.

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Silca marketing materials sent COD

Silca’s epic marketing fail

I suggest any manufacturers who want to send me free product to test (and I’m sure you’re lining up after this sarcastic screed) do so with the postage-paid

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My Chinese carbon mountain bike

Buy a Chinese carbon frame – yes or no?

So, you’ve been surfing eBay looking at new bikes, and you keep seeing carbon frames at ridiculously low prices offered by sellers in China. There has to be a catch, right?

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Industry Nine Trail 245

Industry Nine Trail 245 Review – The wheelset of choice for angry bees

Are you thinking about upgrading your MTB to Industry 9 wheels? I needed a new wheelset when I was one of the last serious mountain bikers on earth to retire my old 26er, and that’s what I picked. Here’s my Industry Nine Trail 245 review which includes some easy setup tips if you’re turned off […]

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Shimano ME3 Cycling Shoe

Shimano ME3 Cycling Shoe review – I’m not a fan

Don’t you hate it when a key piece of your cycling gear fails on you and you find yourself at the mercy of whatever your local bike shop has in stock if you don’t want to be off the bike for days? That happened to me recently when the buckle snapped off on my Specialized […]

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